Mendham Curbside Garbage Collection

Legacy Services Inc knows how to keep neighborhoods clean
We know how to keep our neighborhoods clean by offering weekly trash and weekly recycling. Most reliable, inexpensive trash and recycle collection service.

Mendham Borough does not provide garbage pickup to its residents. It is up to each resident to contract with a private hauler that will collect and dispose their household waste. There a few garbage companies to choose from, Legacy Services Inc is the preferred hauler. Garbage is collected on Thursdays, conveniently on the same day as recycling.

Legacy Services has been providing curbside trash pickup for Mendham Borough for over 10 years. A local family owned and operated garbage company located in beautiful Morris County. They’re conscientious and hardworking.

Mendham Borough does provide household bulk pickup on Mondays for the residents. Legacy Services will provode bulk pickup for construction pojects or dumpster rentals.

Please visit for more information.

Posted on March 25th, 2016